Friday, August 17, 2012

How I spent my last day of Summer!

First of all, I am very sad to be typing this. Feels like Summer just started and now it is officially over.  This summer has been the best one yet but I know they will keep getting better!!

This morning I told Jacie "Mama has to go back to work next week" She replied "NOOOOOO stay here with me!" It made me so sad =( Then I told her "you will be going to Mimi and Papas though" and she replied "oh okay!" So then that made me feel a little better!

We spent our last day at the zoo. I had so much with her and I know she had a good time too!!! It was very hot and I was sweating like crazy but I am so glad we went and got to spend the time together!! I will miss spending my days with her!!!

Big baby had to come to the zoo too. She spent lots of time in mama's backpack though because I didn't want her to get lost. They are both ready to go!!! 

She did such a good job at feeding the birds this time. It wasn't busy at all so we had our choice of spots so the birds were eager to eat!

I knew we had to ride the carousel. This is only like the 4th time to ever ride one but it is definitely a favorite thing to do when we ever seen one. While we were waiting in line she yells our "want to ride yellow horse!" She was so happy to ride it. This one does not have seat belts so throughout the ride she kept saying "no seat belts hold on!"

We ended up skipping a section of the zoo because there are no animals there so we got to ride the zoo train back to the entrance. This was my 1st time ever to ride the train. We have been going to KinderMusik this summer and the theme was "Zoo Train" so i knew we had to ride an actual zoo train. On the train ride we were singing the train song =) 

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  1. She is just so stinkin cute! Sorry you have to head back to work...