Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our staycation

This was meant to be posted 2 weeks ago!!! I forgot about it!

Last summer we planned on doing a real vacation this summer but we changed our minds. We decided we will do a real one next summer when Jacie is 3. She will probably enjoy it better then anyway. Sea World 2013! Disney World 2014 or 15 (Prob 2014...I dont think I will be able to wait another year!!)Yes! That is the plan =) It is okay to plan that far ahead.....

It started on Sunday with Ben's 31st birthday. We spent the afternoon at his parents and went out to dinner followed by cake.

On Monday we headed out to the museum. Jacie played in the kid area for a while but it got busy fast. We went to the exhibits and then ended with a Sesame Street planetarium show.

Tuesday we went to Fossil Rim. Its an outdoor safari park. You drive through and the animals come to the car and you feed them. We were told to just throw the food out the window because the animals could bite but we could hand feed the giraffes! We were all so excited to feed them. When we got to that area only 1 giraffe was by the cars all the others were by the trees. The giraffe was not on my side so I only got to feed it 1 time as I was reaching across Ben in the driver seat.

Wednesday we went to Kindermusik. Ben got to come with us though. I think she did better this week than last. She was more interactive and doing some of the activities on her own.

Thursday we laid kinda low. My car was taken to the shop and will stay there for a few days. It was also the day that Target dropped their toys to 70% off so I did a little shopping for future birthday parties and Christmas. We ended the day at Outback Steakhouse for dinner while Jacie spent a little time with her grandparents.

Friday we got up and headed to the movies. This was the 2nd time we took Jacie. We went to see Ice Age 3. Jacie has gotten much louder since the last time we went! I felt sorry for the people in front of us but for the most part she did pretty good.

Saturday was the day I have been looking forward to all week! It was the day we were going to see The Wiggles!!! 

Sunday we went to my nieces 7th birthday party! Can she really be 7?!?
She actually kept this birthday hat on for a long time

I Can't wait until next summer so we can take our 1st real family vacation... with a 3 year old? OH MY! 

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