Tuesday, August 14, 2012

V and W

V- Jacie colored the flowers and decided were to glue them on her vase, she colored her velvet picture, we made the vehicle and then finished the day with the vinegar and baking soda experiment. She wasn't into it so much so it was short lived.

On W day, we spent the morning at the water park Hawaiian Falls. It is right up the street from our house and I have never been so I figured it would be a perfect time to try it out. They have a fun little kid area for little kids and another area for some bigger kids but she still got to slide down the bigger slides in that area. They have a big splash pad but the sprays were a little to hard for her and then the lazy river. She loved the river and riding on her "boat" (a inner tube) We went around twice and she would say "hi" to all the life guards. After nap time we watched some Wiggles, and did our crafts. Finally the last thing was the window painting. She loved doing this! We played for a long time. We practiced our letters, numbers and shapes too in the paint!!

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