Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2 1/4 years old!

Well, 3 months have pasted since Jacie turned 2! Can I please slow down time?!?! It just keeps going faster and faster I swear! These past 3 months we have been together almost every day and I have loved every minute of it!! I am going to do my best at a little update on what she is doing.

- Lately she loves to sing! She knows lots of her zoo songs from kindermusik, Dora songs, ABC song (although not yet perfect), a number song, ring around the rosy, old mcdonald, itsy bitsy spider, twinkle twinkle little star, and wheels on the bus.... might be more but that is all I can think of.

- So far the "terrible two's" haven't been too "terrible" She has always been a pretty easy going baby so I hope she continues to become an easy going child! She will test limits, but she definitely knows if she doesn't fix the problems she is having she will go to time out! Time out does work with her! Its simple and affective!

- We all love having conservations with her, she is so funny and will sometimes says the funniest things.

- She has an amazing imagination!!!! The things she comes up with is crazy!

- We tried potty training this summer. I know she is just not ready yet. She was using underwear just like diapers. We did the 3 day training and it didn't work at that time.  We still talk about the potty, she will sit on it at random times still. I plan to start again in a few months.

- She loves pretend play. It is by far her most favorite thing to do!!! Especially if it involves food!

- Big baby is her love!!!! She has started going everywhere with us! Giving Big baby a bath is very traumatic for Jacie! But I try to get her in the washing machine at least once a month!

- She is drinking out of big girl cups now at dinner time!

Some of her dislikes: BUGS!! SPIDERS! Being told that something is not hers! Not letting her help! Momma leaving her! Being told it is bedtime!.... Honestly there is not much to put here! =)

At 2 years old I asked her some questions. It has been 3 months I know most of the answers have changed so I asked again.
Favorite color: white
Favorite animal: giraffe
Favorite food: pizza
Favorite Dessert: ice cream cone
Favorite TV show: Dora
Favorite stuffed animal: Big baby
Big baby had to participate in the photo shoot too!

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  1. Can't believe our little girls are already 1/4 of the way to 3! Love the questions, might have to steal that =) She's so adorable!