Friday, August 24, 2012

It begins...

I started back on Monday. This week went by sooooo fast. It was full of back to school basics, training's, work days, decorating the room and hallways and last of definitely not least meet the teacher!! I had the best Meet the Teacher ever! I had 13 out of my 18 students show up and they all seemed great! PLUS I had about 20 of my past students come to see me!!! I had about 1/2 of my class last year mixed in with some now 2nd, 3rd and even a 4th grader still!!  It was AMAZING! I always love to see them at my door!!! Makes me realize just how much I miss them!

Surprisingly this year we had an off day today. Of course it truly wasn't an off day. I was not ready at all for the 1st day yesterday. So Jacie and I headed back to school this morning. We finished my last minute things I needed to do and headed home. I am ready for those 18 kiddos on Monday!!! I truly believe this will be a great year!!!

These comparisons are so crazy to see!! This was my 3rd year to have my little helper with me! Although we all know I use the term "helper" lightly =) This year though she did help me get my tables set up. Everything is color coded so she did a good job at sorting!!

I haven't taken any pictures of the inside of my classroom but I took pictures of the hallway. This year our school theme is "In it to win it" Each team had to pick a game, create a shirt and get creative however we wanted. My team did great with our Kinder Land!!!! These are the pictures my partner teacher and I decorated for our Gumdrop Mountain. The team also decorated a Lollipop Land and Peppermint forest.
3D gum ball machine!!! 

The game board is running along the walls, we plan on adding student work to the pieces throughout the year. 

Gumdrop pass just like the game! 

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  1. Your little helper is adorable =) Happy you had a great meet the teacher day and are looking forward to your year!