Friday, August 10, 2012

S, T, U

I am sooooooo running out of days! I have had training and meetings and now getting my classroom ready I don't have much time at home anymore. Next week is my last week of summer :( We will be doubling up for the remaining letters so we can get it done in the next 2-3 days. 

           On S day she ate strawberries, played on her slide and she made the sunflower craft.

T and U we did together in 1 day:
She brushed the boy and girls teeth with a tooth brush. She did really good at following this direction. She is a strong willed child who likes to do this her way so usually our crafts and activities don't always turn out the way I planned but in this case she did good. I honestly figured the people would end up with paint all over them because she would want to "brush" everything. We read her tiger book and finally did the puzzle at the end of the book. Then we played with some "t" toys... trampoline (notice her tiger ears) and her train set.

She made the under water sticker scene. I love the way she put the dolphins and whales in an order and then how the yellow fish on the left are with their "family." There are also some fish that are belly up but she said they are just "laying down" =) I wanted her to play with a umbrella but it turns out my umbrella is too heavy for her but I did set up some rain (sprinkler in the tree) and she played a bit in it. 

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