Wednesday, August 8, 2012

P, Q, and R

P day- She ate a popsicle. We watched Peter Pan for the 1st time. We tried to paint with popcorn but she only lasted a  minute because she wanted to eat it and got mad when I wouldn't let her eat those pieces! We made a penguin with her foot. We had made 1 back in February for a winter craft and seeing how much her foot has grown in just 5 months is crazy. 

 Q day- Not much we could do for q day. We painted with q-tips which she did actually enjoy and read some stories on her quilt that her mamaw made her.
On R day we created a handprint rabbit. She loved making this rabbit with gluing cotton balls on it (she was so proud of it and actually wanted her picture taken) We did an experiment with milk and turned it into rainbow milk and ate rice krispies for dessert.

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  1. You are so very creative with all her letter days, it's so awesome!